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We don’t say it’s homemade because everything is.

We have been experimenting with ferments to achieve our own cuisine, fusing Asian techniques with the best of our local Savoie produce. Now not only is everything from our bread to our ketchup made in-house, we also bring you our take on kimchi, shoyu, miso and kombucha. Accompanying these are our home brewed Bec Jaune beers and ginger beer.

Come grab a beer and try something completely unique.  



Koji: a special type of mycelium used in Asian cuisine for thousands of years as the base of many ingredients including soy sauce, miso and even sake. We have created a menu using this technique but with ingredients from our local area. 

Shoyu: fermented sauce, like soy sauce, made with our left-over bread, salt and koji.

Kimchi: traditional Korean spicy fermented cabbage.

Red bean miso: French red bean and smoked red chilli fermented with koji.

Sunflower seed miso: sunflower seeds fermented with koji.

Coffee Kombucha: Spent coffee from Morzine's Satellite Coffee fermented with our house SCOBY.

SCOBY: Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts.

Black garlic: Slow fermented garlic.

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